Monday, February 27, 2006

Session 107

Another great week at Animation Mentor!
Arcs and Path of Action was the concept this week. It's cool because now I start to see all these things we're learning, in movies and cartoons - really noticing them. That makes almost everything a tremendous source of learning, reference and inspiration.

We had a q&a with Justin Barrett this week. He walked us thru a shot from videoreference to blocking to final. Awesome! He also was my campus mentor and gave me some really good help and nice tips on my assignment.

They introduced us to a new character this week, a little cutie named Tailor, and here's my Tailor-animation for this weeks assignment:

Revision for Session 106:

Monday, February 20, 2006

Session 106

Half way through class 1 already! These six weeks has simply been awesome! AM totally redeems the expectations and way beyond! It's soooo great to be a part of this amazing community. I love it!

It was about Overlapping Action this week. Much much harder than it seems. It was a real struggle! Bobbys class was great though and next week overlapping action continues along with arcs.

We had several q&a's this week. First a great Q&A with Greg. Got some very useful references for overlapping action. Then a Q&A with Weta Digital animator Kenny Roy (King Kong). A great guy with tons of useful tips! Last there was a two hour q&a with Bobby about the school and stuff thats coming etc. In other words, an amazing week.

The assignment this week was to animate a pendulum.

And here's my revision for the session 105 assignment:

Monday, February 13, 2006

Session 105

It's been an awesome week! Squash & Stretch and Anticipation really adds life to the bouncing ball. It's been hard, but totally fun and it's more and more obvious to me how important feedback from fellow classmates are. I've been lucky to have made some friends that I feel gives me totally honest critiqe and comments on my work. Coolio!

This week we was going to animate a ball bouncing through an obstacle course and also sketch and pose the Stu-character in a devastated pose:

Monday, February 06, 2006

Session 104

Timing and Spacing is HUGE! I've read about it before and I've even practiced it in my early animation attempts before AM, but only after watching Carlo's lecture this week and tons of ecritiqes, I feel like I begin to really understand the concept.

After animated close to 30 different bouncing balls , I saw balls bouncing everywhere. Then I took a day completly off from bouncing balls, got back with fresh eyes!! That did it. It was fun again :). It's kind of obvious, but when you're trapped in the "maze of tweeking" it's hard to get away! Anyway, lesson (hopefully) learned and here's my assignment this week: