Monday, January 23, 2006

Session 102

Now it starts :) Our first real assignment. It's all about observation and the animation principles this week. That means a lot of sketching. Inbetween all the sketching, I read the Illusion of Life and practice the principles with a simple bouncing ball.

I started the week sketching like crazy from magazines, tv and movies (without pausing), just to practice. Then I went to a shopping mall. I had a hard time sketching in public, but I got some poses that I took home and pushed and refined.

After a lot, A LOT of sketching I started to pose Stu in Maya.
Here's my poses for the assignment this week.

We had a Q&A with Bobby Beck and Shawn Kelly this week. That was great! The energy and enthusiasm that those guys have are incredible. At the end of the week we also had a great Q&A with Michelle Meeker. She animated on Lord of the Rings and Shrek!

We also get to see all the critques from all the mentors in all the classes...every singel student in the school. This is a learning source beyond anything I ever imagined before I started! It's awesome!

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