Monday, May 29, 2006

Session 208

First week of blocking with the whole package...well not really, by the end of class four we probably have at least twice as many controls to deal with. But, now we have a full body character - Stewie with arms. Dealing with FK/IK is a bit tricky, but thats tech stuff. Dealing with forces, motivations, thoughtprocess etc. in the character, is a lot harder. But learning all that stuff to be able to make the character feel alive is supercool!

Back to timing in another lecture with Carlos this week. This time - advanced timing. The idea that we probably never will learn all there is to learn about timing, is soooo great. There's always someting new to discover about the concept! It's like having a wallet that never gets empty. Cool!

It's an article on AWN this week about Animation Mentor. Nice stuff - check it out.
Also, check out this interview with Bobby Beck at Animation Lounge.

Lots of uploads this week. First the assignment - first pass of blocking of the third and last animation in class 2, the sticky door. Then the revision of my box jump from last week and final, Rob asked me if I wanted to simplify my thumbnails to make it easier for myself to use it in my blocking, so I did :-)

Revision Session 207:

New planning for Sticky Door Assignment:

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