Sunday, November 11, 2007


Just read on CGTalk that Jeff Lew is close to releasing his feature film - Killer Bean Forever. He spent 4 years doing a 85 min animated feature - alone! I totally admire people that does these kinds of things. They have a dream and they do it - however crazy it might sound. I'm sure the process of making this movie is worth it alone for Mr. Lew, but I do hope that it will pay off financially as well. The trailer looks really cool!

Another guy who's website I came across several years ago, that did the same thing is Sam Chen. He spent 3 years and a lot of savings making his short film "Eternal Gaze". Reading his diary about the making of it is impressive and a huge inspiration. I bought the DVD a few years back and its a wonderful piece!

Kudos to those who dare following their dreams all the way!

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