Sunday, January 16, 2011

Back to Animation Mentor!

I'm superduper excited!! It didn't take much considering to decide to sign up when AM announced the new Masterclass: Animals & Creatures earlier this week.

I've mostly been doing non-vfx type of animation so far, and even though I have explored some quadrupeds, I haven't really spent much time on animation that is meant to co-exist with live action.

It's gonna be superawesome to get back to where it all started for me about 5 years ago, at the school bench at Animation Mentor. Can't wait to get started in March.



  1. Hey Martin K! I don't think I ever posted a comment here, but i've been following your blog every now and then since you where finishing animationmentor! It's cool to hear your taking the new master class. Don't forget to post your assignments here as you go thru. I'm sure they're gonna look great! See ya man!

  2. Hey Martin! Lenge siden sist!

    I was planning on signing up too, but with too much work and a baby girl taking the rest of my time, I'll have to wait a little later to see if I can free up some time later on. Let me know how it is and best of luck to ya!
    Check out the latest movie I worked on, "Paul". It opens in NZ in April I think.

    Arne :-)

  3. Thanks guys! I'm superexcited about getting back to AM for these classes.

    HUGE CONGRATS with the baby girl Arne! Great to hear from you again :) I will for sure check out "Paul" when it opens here. The trailer looks awesome!