Friday, December 15, 2006

Session 412 we are again, at the end of a semester. It is, for the forth time, kinda sad to say goodbye to everybody in the class and to the mentor. We had a great final q&a on Wednesday, where everybody was up and got our final notes from Sean.

It's been an awesome year, beyond anything I could ever imagine when I signed up at Animation Mentor. It's been tough, no doubt about that. Lots of stuff to learn, but above all super duper fun and exciting! This term has been the most exciting for me so far. Less trial and error and less frustration. It's been a lot harder in terms of workload than previous terms, but I feel a lot more comfortable with my workflow now.

My mentor this term, Sean Sexton from Dreamworks Animation, is a supernice guy :) The q&a's every week was stuffed with awesome information and he went through shots he has done, talked about problems that came up and how he solved them. Awesome! He's a fantastic motivator and every e-critique was a huge encouragement, yet he pointed out all the stuff that needed to be addressed and fixed. If you ever get him as a mentor, you're in VERY good hands!

2/3 of AM done and six months left! Class 5 is all about pre-production and planning for our short film. It's going to be a blast! But first, three weeks off! Well deserved! Pat on back :)

Thanks to everybody that takes the time to read my blog.

Here's my Class 4 assignments:

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Session 411

It's been a loooong week doing all the final touches on this piece. There's still some polishing stuff that need to be addressed, but overall I'm somewhat satisfied with how this assignment turned out. 3-4 weeks ago I was really afraid that I'd taken on too much, and I probably did, but at least I was able to finish it.

450 frames, 2 characters, acting and physical stuff - in only 7 weeks, thats not too bad I guess :). Lesson hopefully learned, the hard way, prior to the short film classes - Keep It Simple!

Here's my final submission of It's Over:

And the last couple of facial poses:

Monday, December 04, 2006

Session 410

Almost there :) I was able to go over all the shots and get thru a first pass of polishing this week. Still lots of tweaking left to do the final week of class 4, but slowly getting closer.

Here's my 1st polishing pass:

Here's the facial poses this week: