Friday, March 31, 2006

Session 112

End of Class One.
It's kind of sad to split up with all my classmates, but I guess we're gonna see each other during the next five semesters :). I don't know if any of you read my blog, but anyway - thanks a lot all of you guys for an awesome quarter, it's been fantastic!

I feel i've been given the best possible start to this animation journey by having Greg as my mentor. He made us feel welcome to the school and totally relaxed and comfortable. He sure knew what we as beginners was going thru and he has an unique ability to tell us the right things to help us improve our skills - always kind and always encouraging. Thanks a lot Greg - gonna miss have you as mentor!

The very last assignment in Class 1 is to gather all the assignments into one movie-file. So here it is. Any comments and critique on my work this first semester are very welcome.

Revision Session 111

Monday, March 27, 2006

Session 111

Physical movement mainly generates itself from the hips - that has been the focus this week - hip angel, hip movements and hip rotations. When switching from side view to a perspective camera, tons of new stuff suddenly pops up that you have to think about, especially in the hips...and the legs...and the knees - actually, especially in everything - nobody said it was going to be easy :)

Since it's only a 2d image once it's on the screen, even if it's created in 3d, it is more challenging to track the arcs and get a smooth motion when animating to a camera, but adding the third dimension also makes it feel like "more real" character animation - which is kind of cool.

This is the last assignment for Class 1, a personality walk in 3/4 perspective view and a Stu pose that communicates "Balance".

Revision for Session 110

Monday, March 20, 2006

Session 110

Less frustration, a lot more work and tons of fun - that sum up this week with walks with personality. Planning is really essential and shooting and studying videoreferences, sketching thumbnails, and block out the main key drawings took up almost the whole week, but that made it possible to get a clear vision and get the actual animation done a lot easier and faster.

The assignment this week was to make a characterwalk, a walk with personality and to pose the Stu-character in a pose that communicate "Exhausted":

Revision for Session 109:

Monday, March 13, 2006

Session 109

Week 9 and many many long hours with walks are over - for now. This have been the toughest week so far. My blocking was approved by Greg, but to go from blocking to refining was really really hard. There's so much going on in a walk and because we see it everywhere all the time, it's so easy to spot if it's wrong.

But, to get over the frustration of not understanding and to finally start grasping the concept is a huge feeling and totally makes all the effort worthwhile. Big applause to Bobby, Shawn and Carlos for putting this learning process together so well!

Session 109 assignment and pose communicating "Concerned":

Revision from Session 107 based on Gregs critique:

Monday, March 06, 2006

Session 108

Walks! An ordinary vanilla walk - that's what this week was all about. Lots of work and studying, but superfun as always!

The q&a with Greg this week was great. I had a really good time and picked up lots of nice tips about walks. On sunday we went to Oslo Central Train Station to study people walking up close - that was an amazing experience! There's tons of cool walks out there if you really start looking, everybody walks differently.

The assignment this week was to plan and block out an ordinary vanilla walk and submit it as stepped keys (just the main key drawings). We also was asked to draw and pose the Stu-character in a 'strong' pose:

My revision for Session 107: