Monday, March 27, 2006

Session 111

Physical movement mainly generates itself from the hips - that has been the focus this week - hip angel, hip movements and hip rotations. When switching from side view to a perspective camera, tons of new stuff suddenly pops up that you have to think about, especially in the hips...and the legs...and the knees - actually, especially in everything - nobody said it was going to be easy :)

Since it's only a 2d image once it's on the screen, even if it's created in 3d, it is more challenging to track the arcs and get a smooth motion when animating to a camera, but adding the third dimension also makes it feel like "more real" character animation - which is kind of cool.

This is the last assignment for Class 1, a personality walk in 3/4 perspective view and a Stu pose that communicates "Balance".

Revision for Session 110

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