Monday, October 16, 2006

Session 403

It's always very exciting when a new package arrive in my mailbox. This time it was Justin Barrett's "Animate a Face" and Cristin McKee's "Animate!". Great great stuff. It's totally worth checking out!

The lectures keeps getting better and better. Mark Oftedal hosted the lecture this week about how design applies to animation. Not character design, but how to use design elements to lead the eye and stage the shot. The Q&A's with Sean is also fantastic. There's sooo much golden info in them. Seans mentor at Dreamworks/PDI was the one and only James Baxter so we're learning from one of the very best sources on the planet :)

This is the final week with the Zeus-shot. I've been working on it since Session 305 or 306. That's almost 2 1/2 months! I'm sooo tired of the shot and it looks really bad to me right now. Hopefully it will look better when I get some distance in a couple of weeks :). Next week we're starting our 2-character shot. That's gonna be fun!

Also, somebody at school put up an awesome link about storytelling. It takes about an hour to watch, but its worth it. :)

Here's the final of the Zeus-shot:

Here's my facial poses this week:


  1. thanks for keeping us updated Martin. Shot looking good, the lip sync looks great but it feels a bit off by few frames.Take all the facial control and move them by one frame or two and see how it feels.


  2. Thanks for the feedback Olivier.
    Keep critting, please. There's always going to be a revision :)


  3. Hey Martin!

    Good work with the shot. I always loved this piece of dialogue but I've never thought on do an animation with it.

    The faces look interesting. I have a question though, since I'm already graduated and some things changed on AM, I'm wondering if you have to look for different pictures to re-create the expression with Bishop or they offer in a kind of library.

    Keep the good work up!


  4. Hey David.

    Thanks for you encouragement :)

    Yes, we have to dig up those images ourself from magazines or internet and exaggerate or simplify them on Bishop. We're doing a new pose every week thruout class 4, except the upcoming week, because we have to turn in Sketchbooks that show our planning for the 2-character shot.

    I also want to take the opportunity to thank you guys that has graduated. You've been an awesome inspiration for all of us that comes after :)