Thursday, July 10, 2008

More quality online learning

It's awesome to see more quality online learning for animators is starting to pop up online.

David Weinstein's Digital Apprentice Workshop went online 4th of July and after a quick look at his site, it looks like a great addition to Jason Ryan's Tutorials and Keith Lango's Video Tutorial Service.

Animation is such a huge topic, so getting inputs and looking over the shoulder of different experienced animators are really valuable.

Check out the site. Looks pretty cool with (among other cool stuff) a video interview with the one and only Ray Harryhausen. Also, one of the animation tutorials are available free of charge :)

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  1. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Hey - Thanks so much for posting our website and Animation Foundations series on your blog! If you or anyone has questions feel free to ask! Cheers! -David Weinstein