Saturday, August 07, 2010

Lovin' it in New Zealand!

Just finished my first two weeks at Oktobor Animation Studio in Auckland, New Zealand, animating on The Penguins of Madagascar.

The show is really cool with nice and snappy animation and I'm really enjoying it so far. I'm a huge fan of the movies and getting to animate some of those memorable characters is supercool!

We're settled in a nice apartment in central Auckland and even though it's mid winter down here, the temperature is pretty nice, 15-17 degrees Celsius. It's raining a lot though, but I'm happy as long as it's not snowing ;)

It feels great to be back in lovely New Zealand and my wife and I are having a blast so far.


  1. Anonymous6:14 PM

    haha 15-17 degrees.... sits in the late 20's and humid here in Saunapore...

    good to see your enjoying being back into the swing of things...


  2. Anonymous1:23 AM

    Keep it up, good thing you guys are enjoying yourself.

    Really looking forward to come down for a visit.

    Kevin K