Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Animals & Creatures - Session 106

Half way through the first term - yay!

Initially I signed up for only the first Animals & Creature class, because I wanted to see if I was able to do the course and working full time at the same time. Time is definitively becoming an issue as the assignments gets more complex and I'm actually at this point, considering not doing the second class right away. We'll see...knowing myself, I'm probably gonna jump into it :) I still have a few more weeks to decided.

As the assignments overlaps with finalizing the previous assignment and planning the next one in one week, I felt that I did not spend enough time planning and studying reference for this weeks assignment and the blocking turned out kinda...not quite there yet. I knew something wasn't quite right, but couldn't figure out what before I had to turn it in.

Ironically, that turned out kind of cool, because Kevin gave me a beyond awesome e-crit with super detailed feedback and I learned tons. Hopefully I'll manage to implement it all and get the shot to a decent level by the end of the week - as well as do the planning for the next assignment.

Here's my blocking of the lioness gallop:

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