Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Animals & Creatures - Session 202

This week we're starting working with live action background plates. For our next assignment we have a bunch of different plates to choose from, already matchmoved by Animation Mentor - which is supercool!

I was considering going back to the cat rig for the next assignment, which is a 3 week assignment - basically designed to get us introduced to working with background plates and matchmoves - but decided to stick to the dragon rig to learn as much as possible about flying creatures while I have access to an experienced mentor :) - I can always go back and do another cat test later.

Here's my planning for the next assignment:

Here's a rough layout pass with the selected background plate. Based on feedback, I already know I'm gonna have to change this a little bit, but this is the essential idea:

And here's the revision of the flight cycle from last week:


  1. I love the path Martin! Only worried a bit about how close he comes to the tree, but you probably are looking into that :P

  2. Lookin good Martin! The revision is reading really nicely as well!

  3. Thanks guys!