Monday, January 30, 2012

Noisy neighbours and trying the "Insanely Great"

Living about 4 minutes from work is awesome, but the downside is that in the middle of the city there's a lot of people living above, below and next to - and it's amazing how inconsiderable and noisy some people can be.

Maybe I have a low tolerance for noise, or rather some peoples behavior, but no matter what, it was about to turn into a problem that required a solution.

The solution was this:

These noise canceling headphones, Bose Quiet Comfort, are fantastic. Putting them on is like stepping into another dimension. I also use them at work and it makes a big difference. They're quite expensive, but it's well worth the money in my opinion.

I rarely buy stuff I feel I really don't need, but I gave in and finally purchased my first Apple product ever - iPod Touch.

It's a pretty cool toy :)

To get some practical use out of it (other than playing music and videos), I got some nifty apps like FilMiC Pro, a video camera app that shoots in 24fps (or whatever frame rate I want), VideoPix, a videoplayer that can play video back at any framerate - as well as let me frame by frame thru videos and PhotoSync that let me transfer files to and from my tablet via Wi-Fi.

If anybody knows about other cool and useful apps for animators, please let me know :)

I gotta admit I'm hooked - iMac next!


  1. Animation Timer - Great for timing out animations :P And a favorite of mine that I have on my iPad is also on the iphone is Animation Desk. Check those out. :)

  2. Cool! Thanks for the tip Frankie. I'll check those out :)