Monday, February 20, 2006

Session 106

Half way through class 1 already! These six weeks has simply been awesome! AM totally redeems the expectations and way beyond! It's soooo great to be a part of this amazing community. I love it!

It was about Overlapping Action this week. Much much harder than it seems. It was a real struggle! Bobbys class was great though and next week overlapping action continues along with arcs.

We had several q&a's this week. First a great Q&A with Greg. Got some very useful references for overlapping action. Then a Q&A with Weta Digital animator Kenny Roy (King Kong). A great guy with tons of useful tips! Last there was a two hour q&a with Bobby about the school and stuff thats coming etc. In other words, an amazing week.

The assignment this week was to animate a pendulum.

And here's my revision for the session 105 assignment:

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