Monday, February 27, 2006

Session 107

Another great week at Animation Mentor!
Arcs and Path of Action was the concept this week. It's cool because now I start to see all these things we're learning, in movies and cartoons - really noticing them. That makes almost everything a tremendous source of learning, reference and inspiration.

We had a q&a with Justin Barrett this week. He walked us thru a shot from videoreference to blocking to final. Awesome! He also was my campus mentor and gave me some really good help and nice tips on my assignment.

They introduced us to a new character this week, a little cutie named Tailor, and here's my Tailor-animation for this weeks assignment:

Revision for Session 106:

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  1. Hey Martin great job on the blog things are going well. Glad you are having such a great term. see you on the inside...