Monday, April 17, 2006

Session 202

In addition to body mechanics, this term is a lot about finding a comfortable workflow. Last week I tried a workflow that Rick O' Conner (Star Wars, Narnia, War of the Worlds ) showed us, he uses a pose-to-pose linear approach and this week I've tried a workflow taught to us by Jason Ryan (Chicken Little) which is a linear/stepped approach.

During the week, I got some great feedback on my work from my fellow classmates and some really helpful comments from my campus mentor Clay Kaytis (Pocahontas, Treasure Planet, Chicken Little). He also host, in my mind, one the most inspiring websites for animators -
The Animation Podcast - check it out - it's a great site!

My planning last week was approved by Rob with some minor adjustments, and here's the blocked out version in stepped keys (the main key drawings and breakdowns):

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