Sunday, April 23, 2006

Session 203

With the walkcycle last term fresh in mind, I knew this session was going to be a tough one. Going from blocking to refining is tedious and tremendously timeconsuming.

Workflow-wise, I'm refining in linear mode and next week i'm gonna convert it over to splines, start to put keys on induvidual parts to get more overlap, trace the arcs, fix the pops etc. It's gonna be a tough week as well...but hey, i'm creating life into a ball with stilky legs - can you ask for more? :) It's hard and at times frustrating, but it's amazingly rewarding to watch my shot come to life, little by little.

I'm blessed with some awesome friends from the school that constantly gives me feedback and helps me improve my shot. Feedback is gold - from anyone - at any stage.

Here's the refined version of the 180 degree turn:

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