Monday, May 08, 2006

Session 205

I've now started to animate on the 2nd assignment, the box jump. Our new character Stewie has no arms yet, but he has a spine. This means a lot of new stuff to think about. Reversals, counterbalancing, twisting etc. It's getting more complicated and tougher, yet tons of fun :).

Workflow-wise I'm getting more comfortable with blocking in linear mode. It gives me more control over the timing and spacing and fewer surprises when moving on into refining and polishing.

Robs q&a was very useful, this week too - he always come into the q&a's with some very cool tips. I also had a q&a on saturday with DNA-animator Paul Allen. He looked at my shot and gave me some very helpful comments.

Here's the first pass of blocking of my box jump assignment.

Revision of my 180 turn.

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