Monday, May 22, 2006

Session 207

It's been another loooong, but superexciting week!
We had to finish the box jump assignment, as well as shoot videoreference and thumbnail our final assignment in Class 2. Refining, tweaking and polishing the box jump took forever - ahhhh, animation is tedious, but I love it! :)

Three q&a's this week - first an awesome special q&a with Matt Simmons, Jessica Sances and Melvin Tan from Bluesky about Ice Age 2. Then the weekly q&a with Rob - always good stuff and last a q&a on saturday with Kenny Roy (King Kong).

The lecture introduced us to one of the moviemaking aspects of animation - composition and staging. A great lecture by Carlos - lots of exciting stuff to learn about that concept. Btw, check out Carlos' website, tons of good animation tips.

Here's my final of the box jump and my planning for the next assignment:

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