Monday, February 26, 2007

Session 507

My story took quite a turn this week due to a suggestion by my mentor. I then had two versions. It's been really hard deciding between them and sometimes very frustrating, because working with the story over 7 weeks has made me super subjective, so it's hard to tell whether it's good or not or clear enough for people to get what I'm after. When working on something over a longer period, it's expected to think that it totally sucks after a while, but then you gotta trust the feeling you had when you first got the idea, right, but when elements changes dramatically and the core stays intact, then it's getting tough.

I'm about to run out of fresh people to play it to, but playing the animatic for people the last week, has at least told me that it's somewhat clear. Good or not...well, thats personal preference :)

Anyway, Oscar to Happy Feet for best animated feature...well okay, haven't seen it yet so can't really tell, but Cars was at least animated. CARS deserved to win - but thats me :) Congratulations to Torill Kove for winning the best animated short award with The Danish Poet!
That was pretty cool!!

Here's my animatic for "Forever Young". Any thoughts or comments about it are very welcome:


  1. It looks very good. Its a great idea - very creative. The only thing that I thought was that since he's going back through to the side he was originally on, wouldn't he turn back to old? I guess you're thinking its a one way gate, no matter which direction you go through, it continues to make you younger. Anyway, I really like it and I am looking forward to seeing it finished. Good luck.

  2. Looks pretty good - I was confused by the same reasoning as the above poster - going back to the other side of the gate I thought he would be getting older again. Only other thing I missed was a cu of him realising the gate worked after he changed the first time, I feel like it needs a beat there before the gate starts to fall. Overall though a creative and nicely paced short :)

  3. Thanks a lot for the feedback :)
    Really appreciate it!