Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Session 508

Been workin' away into the first 3rd of layout this week. Pepe liked the new version and now I can begin to refine and polish stuff within the story.

I've been using the Main Theme from East of Eden (1981 Mini Tv Series) as temp music when developing the short and initially the plan was to replace it with something royalty free music or an original score, but I like the music a lot, so I wrote the composer, Mr. Lee Holdridge, an email and he gave me permission to use the East of Eden music for educational and film festival purpose. That was soooo kind of him. Lee Holdridge has quite an impressive record list, so I'm really trilled about being able to use his music in the final film.

It's been up for some time now, but here's a cool link to Victor Navones Splines tutorial. Neat stuff!

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