Monday, April 09, 2007

Session 601

Yay!! Made it to class 6 :) Wow!
New class and new mentor. Lots of new people in this class too, but also some familiar faces. We had our first q&a on Thursday and everybody was introduced. The class is really great and I'm super excited about this final term.

I'm sooo happy with my mentor this term. Pixar's Bret Parker. She seems really really nice and has worked on, among others, Monster Inc, Bugs Life, Toy Story 2, The Incredibles, Jack Jack Attack, Mike's New Car and Finding Nemo. She's probably best known as the voice of Kari, the babysitter in The Incredibles, which she animated as well. Awesome!

Came across some behind-the-scene stuff from Ratatouille (which Bret also has worked on, I guess). Check it out. Brad Bird talks about the film.

Here's the blocking of the 1st third of "Forever Young":

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