Friday, March 30, 2007

Session 512

Once again at the end of a term. Kinda sad, but really exciting too to get into the final chapter of Animation Mentor.

This term has been a lot harder than I expected. There's so much stuff to learn about storytelling and, you know, in class 1 we started with a bouncing ball and kept learning more and more up till class 4. But this term, it feels like a load of new stuff has been released on us - all at once. It's been very hard and really frustrating at times, but I've enjoyed it equally much, so that's cool :)

My mentor, Pepe Valencia, is the the nicest guy ever. He's picky, which is really great, and still very good at keeping the motivation up. Always kept pushing and suggesting more and better stuff. Great guy! I'm gonna miss him a lot.

We're moving straight over to class 6 next week, no break this time. I'm gonna keep blocking out my film, trying to get as much ahead as possible :)

To all my fellow classmates, thanks for an awesome term and good luck next term!

Here's the layout and my animatic from class 5:

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