Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Session 605

Not too much news on my short really. Kept working away on refining it. Cleaning up splines and trying to get some snappiness from the stepped blocking back into it. Got a great crit from Bret on the first refining pass last week, which was really encouraging, because at this point, tunnel vision is really getting in the way and everything feels kinda blurry.

Great news! Seems like Lasseter really are going to make some big changes at Disney. It was awesome when they announced the comeback of hand drawn features, but Goofy shorts (among others) too. How about that! Check out this interview with Andreas Deja and Mark Henn at Animated Views.

A great way to improve animation-skills is to study clips from other animators frame-by-frame. I came across a really nice post over at Justin Barretts blog about a way to approach this kind of study. "Thoughts on studying animation" by Justin Barrett. Really interesting reading.

It's been out for a week now, but still, this is ....simply awesomes. Ratatouille 9 min clip. Sit back and enjoy! Here's a French site with some alternate resolutions.

The refining pass of the 2nd third:

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