Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Alumni! YAY!

We got access to the Animation Mentor Alumni Site today. And it's so cool! Lots of great info about jobhunting and how to deal with the "real world" etc. It's really awesome, cause it feels like we will never leave the great community we were a part of for 18 months!

It's been pretty busy since school finished with texturing, lighting and rendering my short film. To be honest, I don't enjoy this process that much and I kinda regret that I didn't just payed someone to do it. It's truly an artform in it's own and I feel that I don't master it that well. And besides, there's too much waiting :).
Anyway, I've tried to keep it as simple as possible by using as much procedural textures as possible and a simple light-rig with fake GI. In addition to that I've rendered an occlusion pass in an attempt to get it look at little bit better.

Here's a couple of images from the current state.


  1. very nice work Martin. Your short is very very good and the animation is excellent except the pose on 700 which bothers me a bit as it doesn't feel natural, the left leg seem too far back for my liking but that could just be me.

    The entire showreel is very good. Why didn't you use the regular Bishop pony tail for the 2 character shot? the spiky/dread lock kind of thing is not very appealing.

    And those renders look pretty sweet to me!


  2. Anonymous7:47 PM

    For someone who doesn't enjoy lighting this one is turning out pretty sweet :)

    It really makes a difference once you put those lights and colors in. Can't wait to see it rendered!


  3. Thanks guys.
    Glad you like the render :)