Friday, July 13, 2007

Forever Young - The Gate of Youth

It's been said that a film is never finished - it's just taken away from you, and I truly feel this about "Forever Young". Obviously I can keep polishing it forever, but I have to let go at some point. So here it is, my Animation Mentor graduation short film: "Forever Young - The Gate of Youth".

This version is a low-res render. I didn't had time for a hi-res render before we leave for the US. On the AM alumni site, we'll get another final Animation Mentor critique from a mentor on our short. When that critique is dealt with, the plan is to render it out as HD.

It's been a lot of work, long hours and frustrating days during the making of this film, but I've learned so much about all aspects of movie-making and animation, that it's all been totally worth it.

Hope you like it :)


  1. I loved the story from the beginning.. you did an awesome job animating! I just love the first shot when he's a youg guy again. I wish i had the money to apply to AM.. hopefully next year or so

  2. Anonymous8:02 PM

    Congratulations Martin on finishing the film! It looks great with colors, thanks for showing us the final version!

    Excellent, excellent work!!


  3. i told you already in private!!

    Great job dude!!! i love the shots when he's young again ... the little steps with jump ... the fall ... and the last baby walk is sooooo cute!

    Very well Done!!



  4. Thanks guys :)
    Really appreciate it!