Monday, March 19, 2007

Session 510

This week I've worked a lot on refining the layout and polishing the camera work and the editing, after an awesome critique by Pepe. It's beginning to take shape :) I've thumbnailed different ideas, shot some reference and started blocking the first couple of shots.

If you want to become an animator and are currently not an AM student. THIS is a very good reason why you should apply right now! Animation Mentor Winter 2007 Showcase is released. It is fantastic! Take a look :) A great link I came across this week is an interview with Disney's Andreas Deja done by Frames per Second Magazine. Very inspiring.

I'm currently reading 'Thinking Animation' by Angie Jones and Jamie Oliff. That book rocks big time. It's a must for animators! Don't hesitate, go get it! It's gold.

And here's the current pass of the layout. Still open for refinement, but this is pretty much the starting point for the film.


  1. nice short Martin. This is very promising. I would have seen him getting old again though at the end.

    Great stuff.


  2. Thanks for the feedback Olivier :)
    Believe me, there has been a LOT back and forth about the ending. I've gotten feedback that suggests that he turns old again, some thinks that he should turn into bones as I had it in the original story, but I've chosen to follow a storyline that my mentor suggested. There may be different opinions about how cool the baby-ending is, but at least, I hope the story is clear and understandable :) Appreciate the feedback.