Monday, June 18, 2007

Session 611

Ah well, final AM assignment ever, turned in. There's probably tons of stuff to fix in this still, but gotta let go at some point. I am going to do another revision-pass after Brets crit next week though :)

Bret is currently working on the next Pixar feature, Wall-E, and this week they released the first teaser trailer. Looks pretty cool! There's a new clip from Ratatouille up too, showing the progress from storyboards to final film.

More great news, Aja and Mark Bogdanoff has put up the new "10 second Club" and they're calling it The 11 second club. Fantastic! 10 second Club were deeply missed, and now it's back, kinda :)

Here's the final polishing pass of "Forever Young"

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  1. Anonymous7:45 AM

    Very nice work men... this music and animation... really good