Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Animals & Creatures - Session 109

I've decided to move forward and do the second term of the Animal and Creature Class as well. Even though it is exhausting doing AM while working full time, it's so much fun and so much new supercool stuff to learn, that it's more rewarding than it costs (in terms of energy). Besides, it's only 3 more months -  It's doable.

I did a refining/blocking + pass on my Ogre test this week. I changed the beginning a little bit based on Kevins feedback and a couple of other things. I also did a clean up pass. It still lacks "omph", but hopefully I'll get some more energy into it next week.

We also had to do a page of drawings this week as part of the assignment. Even though it's takes some time from the animation assignment, I kind of wish we had to do it every week. It's so much fun to draw and I'm not doing it enough  - obviously :)

Here's my assignment this week (refining/blocking +):

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