Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Animals & Creatures - Session 110

Week 10 already - getting close to the end of class 1.

This week I tried to get some energy into the shot, as well as work some more on details such as the toes and fingers etc.

I also did some re-timing here and there and tried to push the spacing a little bit further in an attempt to get a little bit more texture and variation into it.

Still quite a bit work left to do and one more week to go.

Here's the first polishing pass:

1 comment:

  1. frame 69 keeps sticking out at me, i think because of the obvious hand in the air silouette but also because i feel like the hand should be forward more giving a better S shape to the upper body pose, because that pose is there for 2 frames.

    the end pose 124 might wanna un-tween a bit, since thats what he ends on.