Monday, November 06, 2006

Session 406

Time for breakdowns this week. Lots of lots of work, but defining arcs and getting in the overall motion is maybe the most fun part.

I have a lot of keys on this one. I guess we should decide if we put our keys on the bodymechanics or on the acting, but I kinda did both, because it's a lot of physical stuff going on at the same time as there's acting, and it looked weird if I skipped either. The result was a lot of keys and therefore a lot of breakdowns :) I threw in one breakdown between each key and then an anticipation inbetween and an overshoot/settle/easing inbetween and ended up mostly on 3s and 4s. Even 2s some places.

Sean wanted me to come up with a new gesture for the guy in the last shot, so I left that untouched this week, but I was able to go thru the first 5 shots and break them down as much as I felt was needed before going to splines.

Most of you are probably aware of this already, but if not, check out Keith Lango's blog. His series of posts about manufactured images in CG productions, is awesome (the link is to the first post, there's a lot more on this topic at Keith's site). Not only does he point out what might be wrong, but there's also a lot of gold in there to learn from.

Here's my 2nd pass of blocking on "It's Over":

And the facial poses of the week:

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