Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Session 409

It's been a pretty good week. I managed to get thru a 2nd pass of refining on the bodymech and a 1st pass on the facial animation on all the shots. The lipsync and the facial is kinda rough at the moment, but I got two weeks left for polishing :)

I've mentiond the Glen Keane lectures at YouTube before and now all of them are up, 18 in total. It's a huge inspiration to hear how he approach a shot and how he works thru it. Awesome!

Here's my 2nd refiningpass:

And here's this weeks facial poses:


  1. nice work here Martin. 2 comments though, I am not too fan of the hair cuts but if you are happy with them go for it. second I have a little issue with the weight shift from 369 till the left foot touch the ground. Right now the girl seem to be floating in space. When you walk back you tend to shift your weight forward not backward as you don't know what is behind you and don't want to trip over.

  2. Thanks Olivier!
    I really appreciate the feedback :)

    - Martin