Monday, November 13, 2006

Session 407

Oooohh. Bad week! It's been a while, so that's okay :) The pros says that the part after stepped blocking is where everything feels hopeless and the shot is at it's crappiest ever. That's sooo true, but even if it's normal, it still sucks.

Anyway, I blocked in a new version of the last shot and converted shot 1, 2 and 3 to splines. Went over all the curves, cleaned them up and started to work on Shot 1. Kept working on shot one....still working on shot 1. Wow, this takes time. We're on a tight schedule so I have to get thru refining all the shots next week, at least a decent first-pass of the overall bodymotion.

I came across a great link to a video of a Pixar tour. Check it out. There's also interviews with John Lassetter and Dan Scanlon. Really nice stuff.

Here's my semi-refining pass:

And here's the facial poses this week:

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