Monday, November 20, 2006

Session 408

Alright, I'm back on track. I was able to get thru all my shots and get them into a 1st pass of refinement. The worst part is over :) Even tho the 2nd refinement pass, the polishing and the facial stuff probably is more time consuming, it's at least less frustrating. I'm actually beginning to think that I'll be able to finish this piece on time, some way or another.

There's no doubt that I've taken on a bit too much on this assignment, but to look at it in a positive way, it will give me an indication about how much I can handle for my short film the next two terms.

Great lecture this week about Entertainment, hosted by Pixar-star Doug Sweetland. How to explore different ways of approaching and thinking about a scene/shot to get it unique, sincere and as entertaining as possible.

Here's my 1st pass of refining for "It's Over":

Here's my facial poses this week:

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